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18 July, 2022 by MONOCLE



Pedal pusher


The boom in electric-bicycle manufacturing is a key reason why 100,000 international participants have made the trip to Eurobike, the world’s biggest trade fair for two-wheeled transport, which kicked off yesterday for the first time in Frankfurt. Previously rural Germany’s Friedrichshafen hosted the event for 30 years. “Our heritage was sports bikes, which suited the old location,” show director Stefan Reisinger tells the Monocle Minute. “But we felt that it was time to move to the city as bicycles enter the sphere of urban mobility.”

While there’s plenty of innovation in the vast halls of Eurobike, battery-dependent products still feel a bit bulky. Enter our pick of the fair, Microangelo, a new Taiwanese brand that has engineered a more compact battery that hardly alters the frame. CEO Ray Liao believes that pedal power should remain a part of cycling’s electric future. “It provides an original road-bike experience, with the opportunity for a power boost,” he says. Now that’s the best of both worlds.

For more from Monocle’s Nolan Giles on the ground in Frankfurt, listen to today’s edition of ‘The Globalist’ on Monocle 24.


19 March. 2022  by Eric Chaillot

During my visit on the Taipei Cycle Show 2022 I had the pleasure to discuss with Ray Liao from microangelo group. His newly launched brand microangelo focuses on the international promotion of the Road Star R698 model (a lightweight carbon monocoque frame electric bike using a FSA electic motor system).

microangelo Road Star R698 Origins

Ray Liao has a background in electronic engineering specialized in electronic charging batteries business. For years, he has served major brands such as Bosch, Shimano, Gogoro… He started fundraising back in 2020 to finance his project, trying to gain venture capital investors to his cause.

Investors were at first a bit scared and reluctant to support or cooperate with Ray’s new venture. The bike industry is right now under heavy load and their production capacities fully booked until 2024. Resources are scarce & bicycle component manufacturers (who are mostly family business) get to choose who gets served first!

Ray seems to have convinced them to support his project with:

  • a branding vision

  • a clear marketing strategy

  • serious product development roadmap

Ray explains further his branding vision as an electric road bike manufacturer: niche market, micro = small L1-L7 category vehicle, the aureole on top of the letter a, as for the angel word in the brand name. There is a similarity between microangelo and Michel Angelo, kinda play on word. He further makes a metaphoric parallel between the beauty of the Michel Angelo’s drawings because he was knowledgeable in anatomy with his own knowledge of power engineering, thus giving to the world the Road Star R698.

Surely part of his raising capital success was due to his convincing power during face-to-face meetings and his own personal Guanxi (term used in Chinese culture to describe an individual’s social network of mutually beneficial personal and business relationships).

microangelo Group Strategy

Ray now sets his focus on designing his own concepts with the permanent obsession to fight against global warming. His aim is to launch his new electric road bicycle for the Nordic Countries.

microangelo’s main product is today: Road Star R698. Two hundred units will be delivered to the Netherlands at the end of 2022. Ray plans soon to release the following additional variants: gravel, urban and cargo bike. He will be presenting his new models during the upcoming Eurobike Show this year.

microangelo’s Roadmap

  • Road Star R698 revealed in 2022.

  • Gravel and Urban will be ready in the near future.

More Details about microangelo Group

The company was founded in 2019. They have locations in Taipei and Utrecht and have about 15 employees across various countries employees. 


microangelo B.V.

Papendorpseweg 99

Utrecht, 3528 BJ

The Netherlands

KvK 87633248

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
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