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About microangelo

Tribute to Michelangelo (Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni), Italian Master of sculptor, painter, architect and poet of the  High Renaissance.


Microangelo, a brand of “micro” electric vehicle born at the electrification Renaissance. The core, power train system, like “angel” to protect and guard rider while exploring the world.


Ray, CEO of microangelo, enthusiastic with bike was enlightened by joining high school road bike team.

With domestic races, he accumulated riding experience and deep affection for bicycle.


Passion in industrial design moved him forward to start microangelo business. Together with design team, we focusing on zero emission light electric vehicles. 


We do less to create more, take less and give nature more. We take serious measures on our engineering effort and responsible professional manner with greatest enthusiasm to develop the environmentally friendly vehicles to improve the quality of living. 


Let’s explore a better life with a better bike!

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